Michael Tharp is a New York based painter, sculptor, and multi-media artist. His work involves the gaps in knowledge and information – the interplay between the known and unknown, perception, sense-making, interpretation, belief, semiotics, and ready acceptance of socially-constructed ‘norms.’ 

He attended Princeton University, where he concentrated in the History of Ideas, and has exhibited at Marianne Boesky, Family Business, Anonymous Gallery, ShowWorld, Sundance, Eyebeam, and The Seattle Center of Contemporary Art.



About the Google Search Screens series:

The Google Search Screen series are some of the first works to expand the definition of traditional photography into the realm of the screen capture. The focus on one word – and only one word – Google searches and the corresponding first page of  ‘image results’  draws attention not only to word/image denotation, but also to the redrawing of cultural and informational norms via the Internet.


As we are now seeing develop in the 21st century, in many ways, Google is now the new, accepted and incredibly more transitory, repository of “knowledge”, replacing the centuries-old model of printed encyclopedias and academic or public libraries, thus becoming the new algorithmic arbiter of the collective Jungian archetype or Platonic ideal – complete with the heightened capitalist tension between commercial/academic and high/low-brow prisms.


The screen capture's grid presentation – elegant, simple, regimented, and organized –  belie the computative, selective, and sometimes manipulated input that now generates – and increasingly defines in a much different way — our experiences, our visual vocabularies, and shared cultural identities.

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New York, NY 10003